Mark Buxton

Native from England, Mark Buxton first studied in Hambourg before falling in love with Paris, where he has been living for 20 years. Mark is hedonist above all, wine connoisseur, he also has cooking talents and a sensitive approach to Art Deco style. Perfumer-Creator, he has now been creating fine fragrances for more than 25 years. He specially collaborated with international fragrances houses which are part of the market leaders.

Mark Buxton Perfumes

  •  Message in A Bottle 100 ml
  •  Black Angel 100 ml
  •  Devil in Disguise 100 ml
  •  Emotional Rescue 100 ml
  •  Sexual Healing 100 ml
  •  Sleeping with Ghosts 100 ml
  •  Wood and Absinth 100 ml